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 1) Heart sutra, Hannya shingyo

 explanations are coming later

2) 9 versets of sistre sutra" (KÛJO SHAKUJÔ)

explanations are coming later...

3) Sutra of Kannon (KANNON KYÔ nijugo Fumon Bonge) about the great Compassion of the Buddha & bodhisattva Kannon's divine powers for helping all beeing on the Pat...


Explanations are coming later

4) Lotus sutra (HOKKE-KYÔ), fundamental text of HONZAN SHUGEN congreagation for Yamabushi

More explanations are coming later


5) mantra, ou "true spell", incantations

6) the short sutra of Fudo Myoo, Acalanatha about the vertues to developp. Shugendo is giving much importance to a long sutra on Fudo Myoo called: Shomudo Dai Hii nuu himitsu dharani-kyoo.


7) The chanting about Enno gyoja's life & doctrines.

8) The Shômyo is liturgic chanting. Shogoin temple tradition have this kind of chanting which are between the "crying" of Enryakuji temple & the "anger" of Miidera temple. This chanting is one of most difficult to master: "the 4th Wisdom" is about the ultimate Wisdom of Taizokai mandala which is performing here by one of the best shugendo singer inside priesthood, Nakai Kyozen Head Abbot of Kizoin temple at Yoshino village. on the express request from Kuban...


9) The basic melodies with conch schell. For Yamabushi to master conch playing is very important. The conch schell is the voice of Buddha  Dainchi Nyorai Kongokai mandala.



Kumano mounts Holly places


Past Kuban's students showing that "Big Body" does not mean "Big Faith"


Barefoot walking on hot coals



Shirakawa village, Japan, World Treasure Heritage


Kokedera, Kyoto Japan;  an unique Zen temple where Foreign customers need only to show their passeport to be able to get quicly the permission to visit it...


Ise Shrine, Japan